Elisa Otañez' MA Social Design thesis.


Now that women have joined the workforce and perform in public space, why are toilets still a public good mostly accessible to men?

Currently, there is a lack of public toilets for women globally which reflects a variety of cultural issues and gender inequalities. Women should not negotiate and juggle with factors foreign to them when it comes to covering a basic human need: not having access to public toilets or being presented with a set of conditions that they didn’t agree on -like having to pay to use toilets or having to make long queues- is a form of coercion, segregation, and discrimination from public space. The act of peeing should not be tied to restrictions: the fact that women and men have physical differences should not be the cause of unequal availability and access to public toilets.

This thesis focuses on the current unequal access to public toilets between different genders presenting the obstacles that women confront and some of the design opportunities that can be embraced.

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Read the full text here.